Welcome to Concilitec

Whether you are pitching your new product for the shelves of a retailer, expanding distribution to VARs, penetrating the education/government sectors or considering a joint venture or strategic partnership, Concilitec has the expertise and resources to streamline strategy, decisions and implementation.

At Concilitec, we advise our clients where the CE industry is headed, not where it has been. The following are a few key areas of expertise in which Concilitec offers thought leadership:

  • Channel & Partner Readiness - Are relationships optimized?
  • Financial Health/Wellness - Do the business decisions drive the targeted financial outcome? Are top line and costs in line?
  • Product & Service Innovation - Is this offering ready for launch?
  • Joint Venture - What is the strongest way to enter a new market or strategic partnership?
  • Route-to-Market - Am I using the best strategy to penetrate my target market?
  • Organizational Structure - Is my team built to win?